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This Naked Truth

Christians drink too much.  Who knew? 


It's heartbreaking to be stuck in two worlds; caught between wine and the Word. How can this happen to someone if they really loved God? 

Have you found yourself drinking more than you wanted to, or wondered why you ever picked up that bottle to begin with? Maybe you've tried to stop or cut back.  Perhaps you have prayed so long and cried so hard, finding some success but cannot forgive yourself for what's been lost as a result.   


This was me.


But I'm here to tell you that you are not your drinking, you are not disqualified, and your stories are not your identity.


You don't have to drown yourself in a drink anymore or stay stuck in a daily or weekly grind of social drinking just to feel like you fit in. 


There are clear scientific reasons why we drink more than we ever planned on when we started. Alcohol keeps us from being who we were created to be....


This is the Naked Truth:  There is a way out.

Living Free

Merriam Webster defines "the naked truth" as "living devoid of concealment or disguise". My addiction to alcohol wore so many disguises I couldn't even recognize my real-self anymore. And yet, it was not obvious to the general public or even my own family. But don't be misled.....there were obvious, painful, shameful events that happened (because this is where addiction takes us).


Alcohol, or whatever your substance of choice, will affect your body, mind, family, finances and ultimately, your faith.


We were meant to live Naked and Unashamed.  

I found my way out of the shame of addiction, and discovered a peace-of-mind I thought was out of reach. The same is available to you, too.

I would be honored to help you find your way back to yourself, your family, and the God who loves you so dearly.


What Now?

This Naked Truth can help you:

  • Reset your perspectives

  • Restore your relationships

  • Remember your purpose


The Process

  • Weekly video chats

  • Personalized assignments

  • Goal Setting

  • Tactics for change

  • Spiritual support

  • Community support available​

  • Absolute confidentiality

Reconnecting with God

​(Coming Soon)

Understanding Addiction

​(Coming Soon)

Peaceful Living

​(Coming Soon)

This Naked Truth Podcasts

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